Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Webinar: Integrating Open Source Intelligence with ArcOSI

Join me today for a webinar of how integrating Open Source Intelligence within ArcSight ESM using ArcOSI.

If you would like to register: http://www.arcsight.com/webinars/watch/integrating-open-source-intelligence-osint/

Topics we will cover:

What is OSINT and how has it become a powerful SIEM use cases for 2011. The following webinar will cover:
• Why A/V does not cut it anymore
• How to detect the new threat: APT, client-side, malware
• What OSINT is
• An introduction to ArcSight Open Source Intelligence (ArcOSI)


Anonymous said...

I saw the webinar and I was disappointed. It was a seller presentation, not a technical one. Your ArcOSI supposed to be free, so I expected to see some technical details given for free.
Maybe you can create something and put it on the net.

Greg Martin said...

Sorry you did not benefit, someone else ended up making the presontation.

ArcOSI will remain a free open source tool.

Johnny said...

Hi Martin!
A friend request!