Monday, April 11, 2011

ArcOSI 2.8 released

Releasing a new and greatly enhanced version of ArcOSI tonight with the following new features:

Config file support
White listing
http and https proxy support
New feeds

Fixed numerous bugs and finally updated the Windows EXE version!

Snag a copy @


Anonymous said...

looks good, but why do you pull in your own list from

there is only 1 domian / 1 ip as of this post.

Registrant Contact:
GCM Security LLC.
Greg Martin ()

Greg Martin said...

I'm ramping up an open source threat feed, the code is going live this weekend.

The one IP and domain was to make sure the webapp works :)


Eike said...

Hi Greg,
great work! I found a problem with downloading lists from https sites through a proxy. The standart urllib2 doesn't support https connect. On the site "" is a patched urllib2 which works fine with proxys!

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin

Amazing story about your laptop...I got my Ipad stolen a month ago in Norway on a visit! I did not have any tracking software installed on it...which I now regret. I would have thought that it would be possible to track the "new" IP when the device gets connected through iTunes...

Is there any chance you can help me with this?



Bruno (

Greg Martin said...


Doubt you have any way of tracking it unless you had mobileme installed. Unfortunately only Apple has access to who sync's the equipment and I doubt they will offer to help you in this case.