Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To jailbreak or not to jailbreak the iPhone 3G

I am blogging right now through my newly jailbroken iPhone 3g with 2.1 firmware... using some blogging application and typing on the tiny keyboard you may ask? Not today, I am infact using PDAnet a free Internet sharing app for jailbroken iPhones which allows you to connect your laptop pc (any variety) to your iPhone via ad-hoc wireless networking and then gain access to the Internet through your phones 3g or edge connection.

I can say this app alone is reason enough to jailbreak your iPhone... I mean, Starbucks coffee is expensive enough, paying for their Internet access is a slap in the face.

So what other wonderful goodies are available exclusively to a jailbroken iPhone? Well this is an Information Security blog so how could I not talk about the excellent new Stumbler Plus app. It is a full featured wardriving and wireless network auditing tool (GUI) and it is really quite sweet. Here are some features:

1. Finds hidden SSID's
2. Reverses AP MAC Addresses automatically to the Vendor name (COOL!)
3. Records Signal Strength, Encryption Type, and Long/Lat via GPS!

Only downsides I have found is there is no automatic feature to keep scanning while you drive, it requires you to repeatedly hit the scan button, also it doesn't seem to have a save or email results feature.

So those are the two killer jailbreak apps currently out for the iPhone 3g. I am sure some of you will wonder why I didn't mention nmap and metasploit, but if you have tried to use either on the buggy xterm app and tiny keyboard, it is not something to be desired. Maybe I will create a one button GUI version of metasploit that uses autopwn... hrmm my list of projects are getting out of control

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